PLT Operation Guide


The Production Line Tool (PLT) executes one or more test plans, for In-Circuit Test (ICT), Final Assembly, Test and Packout (FATP) or other production stations.

With a custom test suite definition, the PLT can also be used for integration testing during development.

It tests interactions over:

  • BLE
  • UART

During the Test plan, the PLT may also perform firmware programming of:

  • RF SoC
  • External flash


  • Connect the Ethernet port to a local network with (outbound) Internet access.
  • Connect the AC power socket to AC power (110-240VAC, 50-60Hz)
  • (Optional) Connect Zebra label printer to external USB port
  • (Optional) Connect Symbol bar code scanner to external USB port
  • Use power switch on rear of unit to power on the PLT.


DUT Connection

  • Use Tag-Connect TC2030-IDC cable to connect 6-pin rear-end IDC SWD socket with the DUT.
  • PLT-100A: Use Tag-Connect TC2070-IDC cable to connect 14-pin rear-end IDC Test socket with the DUT.
  • PLT-200A: Use Tag-Connect TC2050-IDC cable to connect 10-pin rear-end IDC JTAG socket with the DUT.
  • PLT-200A: Use HD78 cable to connect 78-pin rear-end ICT socket with the In-Circuit Test Fixture.

Main Screen

After starting up, the PLT shows the currently selected test plan on the display.

Main PLT OLED display

Press button 2 to switch to the correct test plan.

Test Suite Execution

From the main screen, press button #1 to start the test suite.

PLT OLED display while tests are

The test suite items will be executed until a failure occurs.

PLT OLED display for Test Item failure

When a test item fails, press button 2 to continue with the next item from the test suite.

Press button 4 to abort the test plan.

Operator Tests

Some test steps are not fully automated and require operator intervention.

PLT OLED display for Operator test item

Test Suite Completion

Upon completion of the ICT and FATP test plans, a label is printed on a ZPL barcode printer.

Label Test

To print a test label, first press button #3 from the main screen.

Use button #1 (Up) and button #2 (Down) to highlight the “Label Test” menu entry.

Menu on PLT OLED display

Press button #3 (Select) to print a test label.

A test label will be printed on the attached Zebra label printer.

Press button #4 (Exit) to return to the main screen.

Check for Update

To check for updated PLT firmware, first press button #3 from the main screen.

Use button #1 (Up) and button #2 (Down) to highlight the “Check for Update” menu entry.

Press button #3 (Select) to check for updated PLT firmware label.

If an updated PLT firmware is available, it will be installed.

If no updated PLT firmware is available, a message stating “No Update Available” will be shown.

Check for Update without available