PLT-OS v1.3

PLT-OS v1.3.3

  • New features:

    • LYJ-535: CAN testing support

    • LYJ-581: pltrunner: Support NXP PN7xxxx and LPC18xx families (initial)

    • lpc11xx: Support erase

  • Changes:

    • STM32: Use OpenOCD reset_config srst_only

    • STM32: OpenOCD: reset for identify and programming

    • Update to ly10-system-rpi v0.9.4 (from v0.9.3)

PLT-OS v1.3.2

  • Bug fixes:

    • Fix step-level retry field YAML unmarshal

  • New features:

    • LYJ-577: Support programming NXP LPC11xx targets

    • LYJ-568: Support external UART ports

  • Changes:

    • Update to ly10-system-rpi v0.9.3

PLT-OS v1.3.1

  • Changes:

    • Update to ly10-system-rpi v0.9.2

    • Add reboot after update

PLT-OS v1.3.0

  • New features:

    • LYJ-530: Progress indicators for System Updates and Releases

  • Changes:

    • LYJ-566: Update Nerves system and networking configuration

    • Update to ly10-system-rpi 0.9.1