Power Sources

The PLT Demo Board (v2) is designed to be powered by two different sources:

  • Through the Type-C USB connector (J1)

  • Through the external Battery connector (J2)

On/Off Switch

The SW4 slide switch on the bottom-left side of the board acts as an On/Off switch.

The D8 green LED will light up when power is being supplied to the nRF52.

Battery Charger

The PLT Demo Board (v2) has on on-board Torex Semiconductor XC6804 Li-ion/Li-polymer Battery Charger, charging a battery connected to the Battery connector from the power provided through the Type-C connector.

  • Charge Status Output (CSO) on Abnormal Mode: 1kHz, ON-OFF

  • Battery Temperature Monitor Function: 3 Temperature Monitor

  • Recharge Function: Enable

  • CV Charge Voltage: 4.2V (Fixed)

nRF52 Signals:

  • BAT_CHGB (Battery Charger Charge Status Output (CSO))

  • BAT_SENSE (Battery Voltage)