PLT-OS v1.8


PLT-OS v1.8.x is a maintenance-only release track, and is no longer recommended for new projects.

PLT-OS v1.8.16

New features:

  • PLTOS-146: Support latest PLT-300A display module

  • PLT-300A Debug Mode web control interface

  • Support MAX32690WLP

PLT-OS v1.8.15

Bug fixes:

  • LY11-546: voltage drop when measuring current with DMM

PLT-OS v1.8.14

Bugs fixed:

  • PLTOS-129: Fix Cypress programming

PLT-OS v1.8.13

New features:

  • PLTOS-113: Support partition upgrade

  • PLTOS-121: ‘disableAutoRange’ flag for ‘measure voltageDMM’

  • PLTOS-123: Improve Test Speed

PLT-OS v1.8.11

New features:

  • TGT-52: Program DUTs over USB-MSC

  • TGT-70: Program Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU via USB

  • TGT-72: Program STM32L151V8T6A

  • TGT-79: Support STM32F0 (NUCLEO-F070)

  • PLTOS-103: Make all dut_info fields available via key expansion in test plans

  • PLTOS-110: Add path and id support for usb-dfu

  • PLTOS-111: ‘usb reset’ command

  • PLTOS-117: ‘usb detect’ Command

  • PLTOS-118: allow for file renaming in ‘usb storage write’

PLT-OS v1.8.9


  • PLTOS-107: Add MAC Address to About screen and test reports

PLT-OS v1.8.8

Bugs fixed:

  • PLTOS-82: Fix nRF9160 programming

  • PLTOS-92: Fix PLT-200A debug reset


  • Remove ‘ESP32_JTAG’ target

PLT-OS v1.8.4

Initial v1.8.x release.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fix Standby Exit with single button press

  • Pulse power LED properly, fix standby timeouts after initial timeout.


  • UART interaction: Use buffered queue for matches