PLT-OS v2.0

PLT-OS v2.0.x is an Experimental track, supporting PLT-300A.


PLT-OS v1.9.x introduced a new system partition sizing, making PLT-OS v2.0.x unable to revert to pre-v1.8 PLT-OS versions.

If a unit running v2.0.x needs to be downgraded to a pre-v1.8 version, it should first be downgraded to the most recent PLT-OS v1.8 release.

PLT-OS v2.0.17

Bugs fixed:

  • PLTOS-346: canCfg path: handling and CAN-FD dongle detection bug fixes.


  • PLTOS-346: canSend nofd option to send Classic CAN frames on a port configured for CAN-FD

PLT-OS v2.0.16

Bugs fixed:

  • PLTOS-336: Power-off stability fixes

  • PLTOS-338: Parse timeout: without units as milliseconds

  • PLTOS-347: Fix usb invalid subcommand error

New features:

PLT-OS v2.0.15

Bugs fixed:

  • PLTOS-343: PLT-300A shows initial “Loading..” screen for up to 30 seconds.

  • PLTOS-344: Button handling stability fixes

PLT-OS v2.0.13

Bugs fixed:

  • PLTOS-336: PLT-300A internal firmware update stability fixes

New features:

  • PLTOS-335: secondary display: show release info, previous test plan results

PLT-OS v2.0.8

Initial v2.0.x release.

New Features:

  • PLTOS-19: HW-accelerated UI rendering

  • PLTOS-24: Show rolling test results on external HDMI display


As the UI rendering changes in PLT-OS v2.0 result in faster overall test execution, existing test plans tested with earlier PLT-OS versions may need to be adjusted.