PLT Hardware CI


The PLT Hardware CI GitHub App enables Continuous Integration (CI) testing, automating the production-level testing of firmware on target hardware, using the PLT.





  • A GitHub repository containing DUT firmware images and test plans

  • A PLTcloud organization, user and project

  • An enrolled PLT associated with a deployment group that will be used for CI testing

Step 1: Validate firmware build and test plans

In order to upload a release, the PLT test plan, and any associated assets such as DUT firmware must be available in a directory.

Your existing GitHub Action workflow should build the firmware and copy test plans to a known directory.

For example, the workflow in the Zephyr firmware for demo board project uses the /.github/actions/action-zephyr action to build the firmware files and copy the test plans to a dist/ directory.

Step 2: Configure project and token secrets

  • Log in to PLTcloud and select the Project menu item from the project drop-down in the top banner.

  • Copy the UUID from the Project Details and add a secret named PROJECT_UUID in your GitHub project.

  • Select API Tokens from the drop-down menu under the user menu in PLTcloud

  • Select Add Release Token, login and copy the Release Upload Token

  • Add the release token to GitHub secrets and name it API_TOKEN

  • Select the PLTs.

  • Click on the deployment group name that you want to use for Hardware CI (not the PLT name).

  • Copy the UUID from the deployment group detail page and add a secret named DEPLOYMENT_GROUP_UUID in your GitHub project.

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Step 3: Add PLT Hardware CI to repository

To enable the creation of a GitHub check runs, add the PLT Hardware CI App <>.

This will allow the results from the execution of the PLT test plan to result statuses that are visible within pull requests on GitHub.

Please follow the steps below:

  • Select the organization where you want to install the PLT Hardware CI App.

  • Choose the option Only Select Repositories and select the desired GitHub repositories.

  • Select Save

Step 4: Add PLTcloud deployment to existing action

  • Add a step in the .github/workflows/main.yml workflow file, after the steps that build your firmware.

    - name: PLTcloud release
      uses: bcdevices/pltcloud-action@v1.1.4
        FILES: ./dist/*
        API_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.API_TOKEN }}
        PROJECT_UUID: ${{ secrets.PROJECT_UUID }}
        AUTO_DEPLOY: true
        VERSION: ${{ github.ref }}

Step 5: Add Report Connector to PLTcloud Project

The Report Connector is used to update the status of the GitHub check run after your test plan has been executed.

  • Log in to PLTcloud and select the Project menu item on the left side of the screen.

  • Click on the name of the relevant project.

  • Click the Report Connector button at the top of the page.

  • Click the Add Destination button at the top of the page.

  • Enter pltcloud-ci-reports-production for S3 Bucket.

  • Enter us-west-2 for Region.

  • Select json and Add.