PLT-OS v1.9

PLT-OS v1.9.x is the current Experimental release track, supporting PLT-200A and PLT-300A.


PLT-OS v1.9.x introduces a new system partition sizing, to allow for supporting programming targets and other enhancements. This makes PLT-OS v1.9.x unable to revert to most previous PLT-OS versions.

If a unit running v1.9.x needs to be downgraded to an older version, it should first be downgraded to the most recent PLT-OS v1.8.x release.

PLT-OS v1.9.4

New features:

  • TGT-83: Program ACG1F

PLT-OS v1.9.3

New features:

  • Program STM32G4 family MCUs.


  • PLTOS-87: Optional message parameter for the sleepms command.

  • PLTOS-119: The eval command now supports parsing hex literals.

  • PLTOS-140: Test plans can now specify test runner constraints (OS version, PPC ID, etc).

PLT-OS v1.9.2

New features:

  • Program Analog Devices MAX32690WLP.

  • Debug Mode web control interface on port 8000.

  • PLTOS-146: Support for latest PLT-300A display module revision.

  • PLTOS-132: Improved NTP server selection via DHCP.

PLT-OS v1.9.0

New features:

  • Program Analog Devices MAX32690.


  • New system partition sizing to allow room for future development. This expansion will make it possible for us to add support for more programming targets and other enhancements.

  • System library and kernel updates to pickup the latest security and reliability enhancements.

  • PLTOS-132: Set NTP servers based on dhcp response

  • PLTOS-134: Capture mac address in device shadow