What to Test ?

Guidelines for determining what needs to be tested in a DUT during production.

  • Test Requirements can be derived from:

    • Design documentation

    • Design reviews (FMEA, DFMEA)


Not all DUT test procedures identified during the design of the DUT Test planning may be suitable for testing in a specific test station.

  • Design Validation Testing vs Production Line Testing:

    Some tests might only have to be performed once, to validate the design of a DUT. Such tests could potentially be time-consuming and sometimes destructive, and are best handled as part of a System Design Validatation Test of the DUT, instead of during Production Line Testing.

  • Production Line Testing vs Production Fault Inspection:

    A test fixture meant for use in a Production Line Test Station is expected to quickly return a PASS or FAIL test outcome, with failing units taken out of the line for Fault Inspection and/or rework.

  • Fault Inspection vs Fault Analysis

    A Production Fault Inspection station may only have to identify failing subsystems of the DUT, where actual root cause analysis of the failure may require additional instruments, software or tooling.

Adaptive Quality Control (AQC)

By analyzing Test Reports from a previous production run, test plans can be updated to cater for:

  • Updated electrical measurement acceptance ranges

  • Additional test step items to capture more details on defects found during production

  • Removal of redundant test steps that did not uncover production errors