TI CC1352R1 Launchpad

LAUNCHXL-CC1352R1 SimpleLink™ Multi-Band CC1352R Wireless MCU LaunchPad™ Development Kit

Sample firmware

  • ti_cc1352r1_launchxl_zephyr_2.7.0_blinky.hex: Zephyr RTOS “blinky” sample.

  • sensor_default_cc1352r1lp.hex: Example CC1352 firmware (available from TI).

  • Zephyr Samples > Firmware Binaries


Program CC1352R1 (CMSIS-DAP)


  • Connect MCU-Link to PLT-300A using USB cable.

  • Connect MCU-Link to “Target In” port on CC1352R1 Launchpad using 10-pin cable.

  • Configure CC11352R1 Launchpad for external debug using jumpers (see CC1352R1 Launchpad User’s Guide).

  • Power the CC1352R1 Launchpad externally. Do not connect it to the PLT using USB, the built-in debugger on the CC1352R1 Launchpad will conflict with the MCU-Link.

YAML Test Plan

  • cc1352-program.yaml: Program cc1352r1_launchxl_zephyr_2.7.0_blinky.hex

title: "Program TI LaunchPad CC1352R1 using CMSIS-DAP"
  - ident: IDENTIFY
    title: Retrieve unique ID from CC1352
      - command: identify CC1352_DAP
  - ident: PROGRAM
    title: Program CC1352 using CMSIS-DAP
      - command: program CC1352_DAP cc1352r1_launchxl_zephyr_2.7.0_blinky.hex