HiFive Unmatched

  • Vendor: SiFive

  • Program Target: SD-Card

Linux Console

FTDI setup

The Unmatched board has a built-in USB UART adapter, which can be used to control the DUT console from a PLT.

title: "HiFive™ Unmatched Linux console"
- ident: CONSOLE
  - command: define UART.dut "UART2"
  - command: uartCfg %UART.dut% 115200
    id: "0x0403:0x6010"
    interface: "1"


The following snippet automates login to the Linux console prompt, with the default hifive password set in the demo-coreip-xfce4-unmatched.wic SD card image available from https://github.com/sifive/freedom-u-sdk/releases/tag/2023.06.00

- ident: LOGIN
  - command: uart %UART.dut%
    send: "\x03\r\n\x03\r\n"
  - command: uart %UART.dut%
    send: "\r\n"
    expect: "unmatched login:"
  - command: uart %UART.dut%
    send: "root\r\n"
    expect: "Password:"
  - command: uart %UART.dut%
    send: "hifive\r\n"
    expect: "root@unmatched:~#"
  - command: uart %UART.dut%
    expect: "[RETVAL=0] root"
    send: |
      PS1='[$(echo RETVAL=$?)] \u@\h:\w\$\040'