Debug Keys

The Debug Keys page allows users with the Administrator role to manager public SSH keys to control local access to PLTs while in Debug Mode.

The SSH keys for which public keys are attached for a project can be used to upload test plan YAML files and other artifacts using SFTP.

Once a debug SSH (.pub) key is set on a project that is deployed to a PLT, the Debug Mode can be activated by an Administrator from the Reset section of the Manage PLTs view in PLTcloud:

  • Reset PLT in Debug Mode

  • Wait for PLT to restart in Debug Mode

While the PLT is in Debug Mode, an SFTP client (such as sftp or WinSCP) can be used to upload release files.

Example sftp session with PLT in Debug Mode
$ sftp debug@<PLT IP>
debug@<PLT_IP>$ put myTestPlan.yaml
debug@<PLT_IP>$ put firmware.hex
debug@<PLT_IP>$ quit


After adding or modifying test plan YAML files, use the on-screen menu to select “Restart” to ensure the new plans are available.