Manage Profile

View Profile

  • Click the Account Menu below your profile image

  • Select the Profile option. The profile details page will open

The Profile page has the following fields

  • Picture: This is pulled in from the account you logged into PLTcloud with. So if you logged with a Google Account it will show your Google account image.

  • Email - the email you logged in with

  • Name - Your username

  • Time Zone - Sets the report timestamp

  • Roles - The roles your profile has

  • Teams - Your permission level

Change User Information

  • From the Profile page, click the Settings button

  • Update the name and time zone as needed

  • Click the Change button

  • Clicking the Dismiss button will take you back the to Profile details page

Leave Organization

  • From the Profile page, click the Leave Organization button

  • Click the Remove button

  • Click the Dismiss button